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Traveling to Vietnam is now becoming a fashion for westerner from Euro and America. From the time we are “open” to the world in 1997, I have seen more traveler in my country and it’s increasing year by year.

My country – Vietnam is amazing, believe or not but it’s the truth and as Vietnamese, my responsibility is spreading it’s beauty out to the world, mark it on travel map and show people how beautiful it is.

Have been traveling around and running business in hospitality industry in Vietnam for over last 10 years, I have seem how fast Vietnam tourism develop, more jobs for local creating and many people get profit from. But it also has negative impacts on Vietnam tourism when it’s getting more and more popular. Some famous places, such as: Ha Long bay, Sapa, Hanoi, Hoi An, etc, get too touristy and overloaded while many other beautiful places (especially in remote areas) less travel and almost not on tourist’s radar. This makes Vietnam tourism develop in not a sustainable way and profit was not sharing equally. The gap between rich and poor people is getting bigger and bigger. So at Vietnam Insider Travel, we want to focus on rural, remote areas and un-known places which aim to profit local people, bring the real experience to our clients and make your travel different from the rest. 

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