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Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism and eco travel is what people keep saying a lot nowadays. We are not just saying, at Vietnam Insider Travel, we bring you in real actions – It’s done by you through out the daily activities of the trip.  We are always there to remind, help and do it with you.

Moreover we do not promote any activities of the trip that do not stack up on the ecological protection front but we do promote the un-known places or not on tourist’s radar yet.

Our goal is vital need to give back more that we take for your future. Sharing profit with local community and preserving culture as well as natural resources is our real and urgent concern.

So what can you contribute your efforts to make Vietnam and our world better: it’s very simple as our green sustainable tourism slogans as below: 

- Talking nothing but your memories 
- Kill nothing but your time 
- Leave nothing but your smiles

“I count on you as ambassadors for sustainable tourism and as responsible individual tourists to give tourism and the destinations the future they deserve”

Nico Visser (Promoter of the concept “destination for generations”)

What we are practicing to help sustainable tourism:

- Sharing profit with local people
: More than 80% of our employee at Vietnam Insider Travel is local who use to be local fisher man but now working as tour guide, direct sale or boat man. They did not have chance to go to school but learning English from tourist, so it’s kind of basic but enough for communication. The important thing is they keep learning everyday and you could be their teacher sometimes. 

- Using public transportation or small vehicles
: We always encourage our client using pubic transportation as much as possible. This is not matter of money (of course it does help you to save a lot though) but one the best way to have real experiences as local and reduce the Co2. Moreover most of our activities focus on your own body power such as trekking, hiking, kayaking, biking, etc.

- Using only local suppliers
: hotel, restaurant, fish farm, fisher men

- Collecting rubbish on the way of travel
: Rubbish is more and more becoming a big problem in Vietnam from big city to remote area, from land to water, down under the bed sea to the top of mountain. Please kindly be on our side to clean up Vietnam. On the way back we offer you the discount on the price for those wish to practice eco and sustainable tourism seriously: the 5% upto 10% of discount of total balance will be applied to any of you if you commit to do, help and make eco & Sustainable tourism during your travel. More detail of what you could and must do will be sent along the final confirmation.

- Vietnam Insider Travel
 is one of the first travel company in town being financial sponsor for Cat Ba National Park in Endanger Langugar Rescue Project.  (

- Vietnam Eco Club:
 As the full member ship, we constantly effort with our other club member to spread Sustainable and Eco tourism in Vietnam.

At Vietnam Insider Travel, we welcome all your ideas and comments on to improve our services in practicing sustainable tourism in Vietnam. Please contact us via email:

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